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tv   [untitled]    August 8, 2012 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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that happened after that as well. >> it will not go to 0. >> that is right. [laughter] it never does. >> well, thank you. we had a lot of information to cover in a fairly short time. a lot of the points that the commission is looking to for clarification may be slightly ahead of where our analysis is. we may be slightly at of the meeting it internally. -- i have the meeting internally. it makes it challenging. this was a bit of a tougher one to get through because it was more of a conceptual discussion than the -- then something the treatment plant has broken. this is a little more difficult. we definitely do appreciate your direction. we will be revisiting the levels
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of service. i.t. people, can you put that -- thanks. we will be revisiting the levels of the strategy that were discussed today. and at some point where the greens -- green kind of overlap. -- the green/green kind of overlap. >> did you have any suggestions for that overlap? >> somewhere in between, i like maximize and integrate. >> i like maximize. it is a noun. what are we maximizing? >> i would even go for maximize green infrastructure to manage storm and minimize flooding. i know your concerns. i heard them earlier around what
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the implications of that are. >> we are not that far off. we typically do not get into maximization processes. we do not usually have that option. we do trade-offs. one of the more useful tools that we are in the process of developing to make those trade- offs is the bottom line analysis. i would welcome language that basically says something to the effect that in the meeting of the goals that we set for ourselves that we would use a triple bottom line announces -- analysis to do something. >> whenever language we use -- whatever language we use, it will not be legally mandated anyway. it is all aspirational. >> and we do have five weeks to figure that out before the next meeting. >> we will not try to have options for you.
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>> -- we will try to have options for you. >> and something different than the double bottom line. i hate to put out an additional goal, but i think this green infrastructure piece, i think it has great potential. it ties in with the technology policy. it ties in with the csp numbers that we're talking about. it ties in and makes it very dynamic and a current program. and with a lot of other added benefits. i thought maybe we could leave it to the staff. >> and my guess is that we will have lots of chances for both of us to interact with staff in the next five weeks. >> we will be inviting you over for meetings. i think it was a really good discussion. i definitely appreciate your leadership and guidance. the next workshop is going to be on the 28.
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hopefully, we have an early time slot that day and can get through this and start moving toward implementation thank you so much. i think we can probably get through that discussion in two hours with the homework that we have committed to doing between now and then. >> commissioners, any other thoughts or comments? public comment? mr. pilpel had asked for public comment. >> i want to start off thanking staff and consultants. i know a lot of people here have spent a lot of time on this and have done good work. i wore my greyish green shirt today because i thought back i wanted -- i wanted to highlight
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that it is not gravers is green. >> it needed to be washed. -- it is not great verses green. >> if needed to be washed. [laughter] >> thank you. i thought it was a good discussion about using the vip projects for validation -- the eip projects for validation and so that we are sizing that appropriately. the southeast project is the signature portion within treatment. it is what i call the channel tunnel, although staff tells me i need to refer to it as the central based hudson improvement project. it is this significant project within the collection system. but i also think the ip -- eip a segment of the green project is just as critical.
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i am hopeful that the two big projects, plus the eip program will be looked at separately for project-level environmental review, which may result in an eir, what ever is the appropriate environmental clearance so that we can move those projects as soon as possible. they really do inform the program going through. you did get a cac resolution as part of your communication. news of what the cac has recommended as part of the c i p. the west side project needs a better title than just 70 or 100 mgd. a title is significant and important, both from an occurrence and volume standpoint.
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we will talk next time about the rate impact. i'm assuming we will see the rate charged over 30 years and what the percentage is and how that rolls up. at some point, we will see a list of categories within the programs, within the overall -- there are a lot of ways to roll this out. i really support the staff recommendation. i believe this is ambitious. this is necessary. we have really gotten to a point where we need to move the critical project ahead and see how this all plays out. thank you. >> thank you. mr. acosta. >> commissioners, when i spoke to you the last time and we had a workshop at pier 40, i spoke
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to you about some issues and i will repeat them again. when two men, two white men came here may be too moderate 50 years ago, lewis and clark -- maybe two hundred 50 years ago, lewis and clark, and they saw that everything was most pristine. today in the year 2012, we need developers who are on this project -- and i briefly worked for one gentleman who is a consultant to tell us in the year 2012 in a forum like this what is best for this great city and county of san francisco. on the one hand, we have the city. they are not capable of looking after our trees, some 26,000
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trees that we have not factored into this equation. we do have the ability to work on what i call repair and projects, which i have always that -- already brought to certain people in sfpuc to look at nine months ago. looking just to inform you, to give our young people a chance to work on a nursery, eggplant, work on -- of plants, work on repair projects and have the ability to maintain the trees that the department of public works and the city has neglected, or is going to neglect. i look forward to all of the good people that are talking about whatever is green, to work
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with our work force to train and somehow -- they are going to do it. so they can participate in the year-end projects for the next five to 20 years. that being said, we need a steady to know how healthy lake merced is. when we talk about our peers that have not been mentioned, we need to get empirical information to know how to fix them. i will be participating slowly and steady -- and steadily on the practical aspects. >> thank you. is there any other public comment? >> i just want to say that the mexicans were here first before
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lewis and clark. [laughter] >> thank you. and with that, thank you to the staff and all of the consultants that have contributed to this. this has been helpful. and we look forward to the wrapup session in five weeks. we are about to go into closed session. is there any public comment to be discussed in closed session? seeing none, if we can start that process of clearing the room. >> item 16, pursuant to code, section
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>> the public utilities commission is back in session. regard and abiding past -- item 16, the commission unanimously approved a list of candidates to be sent to the mayor. the commission will not release the names or the number of candidates. could i have a motion regarding whether to disclose? >> disclosed the action? >> this is a motion whether to disclose. >> i moved not to disclose. >> second. >> ok, that carries. is there other new business? do we need to open the doors?
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[laughter] >> david is out there. [laughter] [inaudible] >> this meeting is adjourned.
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>> good morning. i am darlene bryant, your mc for this morning. the first economic and trade seminar here in our beautiful city. city hall in san francisco. housekeeping items. you'll notice on your chair there is a little box. we're having simultaneous interpreting. you will find these.
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insert into the box, turn it on, put it on your head and did not to get out of this room. if you leave, leave it on the chair, we will pick it up afterward. if you have a problem, there is a little room and they can take care of it for you. problems with their headsets, there is a little room, someone will take care of it for you. restrooms to my left. and please, turn your cell phones off. ok? thank you. i want to say this event would not be possible to do without the general sponsorship of the mayor's office. thank you, mayor ed lee. also the ministry of the commerce of china, supported by the governor's office. thank you so much. the lieutenant governor is here of course. i would like to mention that we do have some honorable mentions in here. first of all, my boss, hon. ed
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lee. mayor of san francisco. i would like to add our first chinese mayor in san francisco. the vice minister of the ministry of commerce from beijing. [applause] welcome. next to my former boss, the hon. gavin newsom, lieutenant governor of california. the hon. counsel general of the people's republic of china. [applause] the minister of the embassy of the people's republic of china and the united states, based in washington, d.c.. and charlotte schultz, mr. mike rossi, senior adviser on jobs
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for governor brown. also officials from the delegation. the director-general of the department of foreign investment and administration. mr. wong shi. and mr. -- the commercial counselor of the department of corporation. and the director-general of the investment promotion agency of the ministry of commerce in china. we have more. the chairman of the tschida chamber of commerce -- china chamber of commerce. and from the china contractors
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association. and the president of the foreign trade and economic relations commission. and the deputy director general, department of commerce of the inner mongolia, autonomous region. the director of economic and trade office of [unintelligible] province. i would like to mention that locally, we have a city council member from fremont, ms. sue chan and supervisor malia cohen is in the house. thank you for coming. i remember not long ago when vice-president -- the vice- president visited the united states and i traveled to los angeles with our mayor at the time and what an event. and now a few months later, san francisco is probably hosting the seminar with the ministry of commerce. it shows that our golden mountain continues to attract chinese. has never stopped since the
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1800's and because san francisco continues to be the city of innovation and full of peril spirit, we will continue to seek an inflow of inbound chinese businessmen and investors. may i invite our mayor, edwin lee, to the podium? [applause] >> thank you. good morning. i want to of course repeat our warm welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the vice minister and his delegation here. to the council general and his wonderful work and to our lieutenant governor, gavin newsom is here. our senior adviser, mr. rossi and those of you from fremont and san jose and around the bay area, thank you for being here on this first china-united states state and regional
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economic and trade discussion. as you know, san francisco has been home to the biggest and the oldest chinatown in the united states. and so, there could not be a more appreciative place to hold this conference. i will say as i said earlier to the vice minister that it is interesting to note to and i am a student of our chinese history. in the 1800's as darlene has mentioned, many of the ancestors came over from china and whether it was for economic opportunity or search of gold, it is interesting to know that today we're of course seeing our contemporaries coming to invest and look for partnerships opportunities in the united states and in san francisco. it is a very nice twist. i am proud to say that san francisco is the innovation capital of the world. and we have been dubbed the
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center for clean technology in the united states. our goal of reaching the zero waste in 20/20 -- 2020 is a real goal. . companies are popping up in our city. we recently signed a memorandum of understanding in beijing with the national energy conservation center where our leader of our economic development represented our city. in agreeing to sustain and share the best practices as it relates to energy efficiency and sustainability and of course, which my good friend and our u.s. ambassador, gary locke, had
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washed over. not to mention that we're the home to the california institute of regenerative madison -- medicine. mission bay is a destination for those who want to make history in by a life sciences and biotech discoveries. -- vio lifbio life scientists ad biotech discoveries. u2 -- for making that a cause for future generations and we will discover in that corridor those live science drugs that will help us end these dreadful diseases for generations to come. thank you, lieutenant governor. [applause] i wanted to welcome the delegates who come here under the leadership of the vice minister and of course in his capacity as not only the vice ministry of commerce, but also the china investment and
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promotion agencies and to the many companies are here in attendance, you represent that cross-section of companies from diverse backgrounds and discipline throughout the bay area. i want to welcome you here to this great seminar to wish you a great conversation and an intelligent one, and one that hopefully will discuss the many more ways that we can not only do business, but to work together to solve the world's problems. this is what happens here in san francisco. we cannot just talk about the problems. we will try to discover ways to solve them. this is, i think, the essence of why this ministry is here today. i want to also congratulate and thank the state of california for its investment in the bay area and in our city and to know that we want to and we wish to
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help lead this conversation and these discoveries with our friends in china. thank you and welcome back to the old gold mountain. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mayor. i would like to welcome our consul general of the people's republic of china. [applause] good morning, everyone. for the sake of my fellow countrymen from china i will speak in chinese. he will have to -- you will have the translation. [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language]
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[applause] >> thank you.
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i would like to invite our hon. japanese and -- hon. gavin newsom up to the podium. >> thank you, darlene and vice minister. an honor to see you again. we had the opportunity yesterday in sacramento to visit. thank you for your stewardship and strong support of our efforts here not only in san francisco, but across the state. and to mayor lee, thank you for example, your leadership, your stewardship, and her strong support and wisdom of identifying a great leader of china sf and darlene chu, carrying the torch for the board of directors. there are a number of you assembled here and you have done an extraordinary job to demonstrate our commitment not just rhetorically but substantively in terms of engaging in defiance -- advancing our collective efforts to focus on trade


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